RV Fitness]

MRVFitness is a non-profit organization built to promote and support beach volleyball players at a local, national and international level by hosting a series of affordable events such as tournaments, training camps and leagues. Our goal is to encourage the community of the Rio Grande Valley to practice and perfect their beach volleyball skills while providing them with the opportunity to play competitively against players of different skill levels. MRVFitness will strive to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as create a passion for the sport itself. By helping our members reach their maximum potential, we will create an experience that could be a stepping stone to earning an athletic scholarship or even becoming a pro athlete. MRVFitness will be hosting tournaments and awarding amazing prizes year-round at the sensational South Padre Island. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with spectators, athletes, families and sponsors in this one of a kind environment. Let’s make South Padre the next beach volleyball paradise!



Our training is designed to help develop the basic volleyball skills of the athlete which include serving, passing, setting, hitting and blocking. When these skills are met, the athlete will be promoted to an advanced level where the trainers will focus on perfecting the basic skills, incorporating agility drills, and executing game strategies in order to build a well-rounded beach volleyball player. Our ultimate goal is to prepare our junior athletes for scholarship opportunities and to motivate our adult athletes to continue a healthy lifestyle. Register Now